Finding a way to “Speak the Truth”

One of my biggest rules for writing nonfiction is “speak the truth.” It might be *my* truth, others might disagree, but that truth is absolutely necessary.

A book I’m planning to write after Run Your Own Mail Server really needs to use Debian as the reference platform, for reasons I’m not gonna get into here. But my heart is obviously and publicly in BSD-land. How could I write this and be truthful?

I’ve been chewing this over for a while, but the obvious just hit me: it’s about voice and theme.

I need to write this book with a motif and theme that fits the topic. I’d been pondering using a Trek motif, but this specifically needs a DS9 theme.

Specifically, a “O’Brien managing Terok Nor” theme.

NOW I can write this book and be truthful. (bang)(clang)(grind) (BOOOM)

The detail that this requires a DS9 rewatch is purely incidental.

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  1. The course the prophets choose for us may not always be comfortable, but we must follow it.

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