Social Media Updates: Good-Bye Twitter

I’m dropping Twitter. Elon Musk is posting 1488 white supremacist trash and has reactivated many 4chan/8chan accounts. While I was willing to give him a chance to show he wasn’t actually a white supremacist asshole, I’m out.

He has since deleted the posts, the way he does, but there are many screenshots out there. I won’t share them in this post.

(Is deleting posts bad? Not necessarily. I deleted and redrafted twitter posts when I noticed typos, all the time. If I screwed up and shared something that had implications I was unaware of, I generally posted that I deleted a post and why. Posting white supremacy filth, leaving it up for a few hours, and then deleting, is a whole different thing.)

After much thought, I’m making my main fediverse/Mastodon account. There’s no need to burden my pals over at with moderating me or the attention I attract.

But the important thing is: no more Twitter. Sorry, folks.

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  1. I bailed from Twitter a couple weeks ago. I was never really a power user, never saw the utility of it. My withdrawal was painless 🙂

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