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There’s been a few new reviews out lately. First, two from Grant Taylor, on Sudo Mastery and SSH Mastery. Thank you, Grant!

Yesterday, a review of Sudo Mastery appeared on Slashdot. I haven’t been reviewed on Slashdot since Absolute OpenBSD came out. No, not the second edition–the original, in 2003. So this is cool. Thank you, “Saint Aardvark.” (Yes, I can figure out his real name, but if he goes by that, who am I to argue?)

As a result of these reviews, I now simultaneously have the #1 and #4 best-seller slots in Amazon’s Unix category.

I really want to thank everyone who takes the time to review my books — or, indeed, any books. Reviews drive sales. Sales mean that authors can afford to write books instead of washing dishes at the Burger Hut (which is all that most of us are qualified for in the real world). If you enjoy a book, and want to thank the author, take a moment to do so publicly.

And now back to writing more books…

2 titles in Amazon's top 10

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  1. Hi Michael,

    You are quite welcome for the reviews. Thank you for the great books. I have happily recommended both of them to many people.

    I am looking forward to when I have a chance to pick up DNSSEC Mastery and giving it a read. Given the quality of SSH Mastery and Sudo Master, I’m confident that DNSSEC Mastery will answer a LOT of question that I have about DNS Sec. Maybe even enough to get me to implement DNS Sec.

    Grant. . . .
    unix || die

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