I’m not writing an Ansible book…

…at least not now.

This is a “post it now so I can point to it later” piece.

I met Michael DeHaan, the Ansible creator, primary author, lead, and probably Grand Poobah, at AnsibleFest in Boston. We discussed the possibility of an Ansible book. He’s certainly open to the idea.

But we agreed that Ansible is moving too dang quickly to document in a book. By the time I finished a book, progress in Ansible would make the book obsolete. Ansible development will slow down at some time, making a book much more realistic.

I’m also not convinced that I’m the right person to write this book. I use a narrow slice of Ansible features, and other folks use a much greater set of Ansible features. My use is expanding, but still, I’m more likely to write a series of small Ansible books that reflect my growing understanding as opposed to one massive tome.

I’ll continue to document what I learn, and we’ll see what the future holds.

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