Books at BSDCan

I’m sure everyone who reads this blog knows I’ll be at BSDCan tonight through early Sunday morning. I will also have books for sale, however.

  • Absolute OpenBSD, $50
  • SSH Mastery, $20
  • DNSSEC Mastery (4 proof copies only), $20

    Cash only.

    If you buy a book, I’ll throw in a free Tilted Windmill Press T-shirt while supplies last. Because why not.

    I’ll also be giving away some books as review copies. If you want a review copy of Absolute OpenBSD, you’ll need to give me your email address. I’ll be handing it off to the NSP publicity department. Sorry to be a pain on that, but I have to pay for any Absolute OpenBSDs that aren’t review copies. (Or I can ship them back to the publisher, but that’s just a waste.) I’m more flexible with review copies of self-published books.