“Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd edition” ebook download available

I’m told that No Starch Press now has the ebook for the new Absolute OpenBSD available for download. If you preordered the book, go get the electronic version while you’re waiting for the print to arrive.

If you haven’t preordered, go get it now. If you use coupon code ILUVMICHAEL, you save 30% and I make a couple extra bucks on it.

The auction for the first print copy off the press is up to $910. If it breaks $1000, I’ll post a coupon code for discounts on the electronic versions of my Mastery books from my Web site.

5 Replies to ““Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd edition” ebook download available”

  1. I ordered Absolute OpenBSD through OpenBSD.org. I got an email back. But nowhere it says how to download the electronic version.

  2. Thanks Michael. The stored replied back. I understand you have little to do with the process. They email the ebook for processed orders about once a week. Had I known about this I would have bought the book by other mean as I am really looking forward to start reading :).

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