“DNSSEC Mastery” status, dates, and acknowledgements

Monday night, I sent DNSSEC Mastery to copyedit. If all goes well, it’ll be back at the beginning of next month. Making corrections from copyedits is a quick task.

The copyedit-ready manuscript has been uploaded to LeanPub, so if you’re one of the early purchasers, it’s in your account for you. The manuscript is now technically correct.

I’m going to a writer’s workshop on 5 April. If all goes well, I’d like to have the ebook available before I go. That would also let me hand it to the print layout team by then. Which means that I would have print copies for BSDCan, of which I am a sponsor.

It might not be the final book. But I’d like to have a few proofs to give to reviewers and possibly even for the charity auction. (“It’s not defective, it’s limited edition.”)

I think it’s very important to appreciate those who help me, and publicly acknowledge that appreciation. In that spirit, here are the credits for DNSSEC Mastery.


A special thanks to my pre-publication reviewers: Henrik Lund Kramshøj, Fredrik Ludl, Jan-Piet Mens, Scott Murphy, Mike O’Connor, Eivind Olsen. Notably, Alan Clegg and Carsten Strotmann went above and beyond in reviewing the book.

Before even starting this book, I asked poor Doug Barton of BlueCat Networks to be my lead technical reviewer. Mutual friends tell me that he’s stopped moaning “Oh, the pain,” and should be able to talk coherently any day now. I do hope he’s learned his lesson.

Any errors in this book crept in despite the efforts of these fine folks.

As an experiment, I published in-progress versions of this manuscript on LeanPub (https://www.leanpub.com). To my surprise, many people bought the incomplete book. To my greater surprise, several people chose to overpay for it. I want to thank everyone who purchased the in-progress book. While I won’t publically name and shame those who wanted to give me a tip, I will say thanks to parts of their email addresses: sven, nawfal, bonetruck, alejandro, olgamirth, axel, shori, marcus, and cdjk.

Sadly, those early drafts included plain bad advice caught by the technical reviewers. My best fans got ripped off. I hope that they, too, have learned a valuable lesson.

This book is for the folks trying to keep their name service intact despite the miscellaneous scumbags trying to break it. For all the folks on Twitter who encouraged @mwlauthor to write it. And, of course, for She Who Must Be Obeyed.