Book status, 9 Feb 2013, and the Missing Contest Winner

Fast and furious progress these days:

Absolute OpenBSD: Peter has finished the tech edit on the entire manuscript. Chapters 1-18 are copyedited and returned to NSP. Chapters 1-17 are laid out and look somewhat like an actual book. (Seeing a book in laid out forces me to view it with new eyes. It makes me want to tear up the whole thing and start over. I know I can write better than that. But I think that both the publisher and you lot would lynch me if I delayed the book until 2016 for a proper rewrite.) I’m sending prepub PDFs out to various OpenBSD celebrities in the hope of getting blurbs for the front of the book. Best quote so far, from someone who will remain anonymous: ” It’s unfortunate that the strength of BSD man pages undercut his sales so much.”

DNSSec Mastery: I’ve made the second version available on LeanPub. It now contains everything you need to deploy DNSSec, provided nothing goes wrong and you don’t have to rotate keys. Plus, the introduction now gives you a reason to read the book, which is a bonus. (That last sentence originally read “The introduction no longer blows chunks.” And people say I can’t be tactful.)

To Ludovic ‘Ludy’ Simpson: You won the haiku contest. But you didn’t leave me contact info. Please get me your shipping address. Thank you.