Any interest in early drafts?

I have the DNSSec book about a third done, which isn’t bad for spending a week in the hospital this month, and am looking at various publication options. Once the book is finished it’ll be available in print, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and hopefully iTunes. But I have an option for before the book is complete. LeanPub allows authors to upload works in progress, and update them as the work proceeds.

I’m pondering something like this:

  • Offer the incomplete book on LeanPub at, say, a 20% discount. Those of you who want to see it can, and those of you who want to send feedback can.
  • Update the book on LeanPub as I write.
  • When the book is finished, upload the final manuscript to all ebook platforms. Raise the LeanPub price to match. If you bought it earlier, you still get access, of course.
  • If you follow my blog, you’re probably a fan. I have no problem giving a discount to people interested enough in my work to follow my blog. And I might even get useful feedback.

    One of my goals is to reduce the amount of non-paying non-writing work I do. (Basically, I want to reduce my monthly recurring expenses, especially time expenses.) Updating a book as I write it isn’t a huge amount of work, but if nobody’s interested, I don’t want to bother.

    So: would anyone be interested? Or should I keep writing in my bubble?

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