New book: “Domesticate Your Badgers”

The Kickstarter is over, backers and Patronizers have their ebooks, so I can now offer Domesticate Your Badgers: Become a Better Writer through Deliberate Practice to the rest of the world.

Sort of.

If you want to read it today, you can buy it directly from me at my bookstore. At all other stores, the ebook is on pre-order and will be released on 1 March 2022. The print book will be on pre-order shortly.

Is this a lame scheme to steer readers to purchase directly from me? No. That’s merely a super convenient side effect.

I want a chance to get Patronizers and Kickstarter backers who elected for print editions their copies before the book is broadly available. While the supply chain is still fubar and printers are backed up, I hope that I can get my print copies by March. That’s realistic but, you know, plague changes everything.

If you’d rather pre-order from a big ebookstore, that’s fine. The DYB page has links for your convenience.

I will say that of all the books I’ve released, this might be the prettiest. I wanted illustrations that ranged from “OMG adorable!” to “joyful WTF,” and Pamela Mosiejczuk knocked it out of the park.

So: if you ask how I write all these books, I’ll point you at Domesticate Your Badgers.

If you ask how I make a living writing books, I’ll point you at Cash Flow for Creators.

Save yourself some trouble, and buy them both.

Domesticate Your Badgers