New review of “SSH Mastery”

Samiuela LV Taufa was kind enough to write a review of SSH Mastery. Thank you, sir!

For those who are wondering why I haven’t posted much lately: I’m beavering away at the new Absolute OpenBSD, getting ready for a summer writing workshop with Kris Rusch, trying to get an article together for BSD Magazine, and when my brain is too tired to put words together, assembling a print version of Vicious Redemption.

So yes, I’m working. You just can’t see any results yet.

5 Replies to “New review of “SSH Mastery””

  1. I recently bought the book.

    I can honestly say it is the best written technical book i have ever purchased. I does not follow the logic of a man page, nor does it waste paper on trivial topics like “how to install ssh” (most of the technical books do this). It is well structured in topics and each topic written in a concise manner: the minimum required words to make it perfectly understandable.

    I wish it could be included with the man page!

  2. Constantine, thanks so much, glad you liked it. If you felt like posting a review at the place you bought the book, or at Amazon, I’d appreciate that.


  3. May I ask you, Constantine: Did you the printed version or the E-book?

    Thank you.

  4. I bought the printed version from amazon. I also posted the above review at amazon.

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