“SSH Mastery” print status

Thursday, I received the first print proofs of SSH Mastery.

Initial impressions: the print version looks good. The photo doesn’t do the nice glossy cover and bright colors justice, but:

After careful inspection, though, I found a few errors. The interior images are not as sharp as I would like. Some of these I can’t really help: printouts of screenshots look like crap. But I’m more concerned about pixellation in diagrams and images.

Plus, there’s an extraneous colon on the back cover.

If I want this book to be taken seriously, it needs to look like a real book. So I’m getting the layout corrected and running another round of proofs. I suspect I’ll get the new proofs late next week. If those are OK, I will be able to open orders.

I’ve been working with Austin from the OpenBSD group to get their ordering up soon.