SSH Mastery ebook uploaded to Amazon and B&N

I just finished uploading the ebook versions of SSH Mastery to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The manuscript is en route to the print layout person.

Amazon should have the book available in 24 hours or so, Barnes & Noble in 24-72 hours. Once they’re available, I’ll be able to inspect the ebooks to check for really egregious errors. The files were clean when I uploaded them, but both companies perform their own manipulation on what I feed them. There’s no way to be sure the books come out okay until I can see the final product.

What about, say, iBooks? Kobo? The short answer is: they’re coming. The long answer is: those sites are fed via Smashwords. Smashwords only accepts Microsoft Word files, and they have very strict controls on how books can be formatted. Their ebook processor, Meatgrinder, isn’t exactly friendly to highly-formatted books. I must spend some quality quantity time getting the book into Smashwords.

I’ll post again when the books are available on each site. In the meantime, I’m going to go put my feet up.

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  1. Congratulations MWL.

    It was an impressive independent effort, yet you managed to corral a good layer of community involvement. May it make you enough to cover the windows on the second floor of your home, or at least some tar paper. Rumor has it winters are cold in MI.

    (make sure you add the book to the “Books, Publishing, Etc” content_right menu.)

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