I have achieved pole position

I sold my short story Wednesday’s Seagulls to short-story.me a few months ago. They released that story as part of their second “best of” anthology collection in November. I’ve wanted to check it out, but the holidays and my efforts to outline another nonfiction book interfered.

The order of stories within a volume takes more thought than most people realize. Most of the big-name editors have their own occult ordering methods, but there’s a few general rules.  The first story in the anthology is the story that, in the editor’s opinion, is most likely to hook the reader and compel them to read further. The last story is the one that, in the editor’s opinion, is most likely to leave the reader with the a good impression of the anthology.  While I’m proud of my previous antho sales, my work therein is buried in the comfortable middle.

Wednesday’s Seagulls is the first story in this anthology.  I have been awarded pole position.  Merry Christmas to me!  You can get the anthology in print and on Kindle.

I really must learn to write faster.  Maybe if I give up eating and sleeping…

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