38: A Fanatical Devotion to Magic Mushrooms

Today’s snippet is from a new Rats’ Man’s Lackey tale.

Whackadoo Manor was least creepy at sunrise.

The sideways light highlighted the bright white gingerbread scrollwork that framed the broad full-circle porch and surrounded the windows and eaves. The antique glass in the windows rippled into rainbows that shifted with my every step. The place always looked like a talented Victorian carpenter with a fanatical devotion to magic mushrooms had been given a lifetime supply of wormwood-laced absinthe and all the lumber he could scroll-saw, but this morning the sprawling mansion looked like it might actually be large enough to hold half of the rooms within. Even the leaded-glass conservatory loomed along the side opposite the driveway, and that place almost never deigned to show up.

It might have looked homey, if the edge of my vision hadn’t kept catching extra colors in the rainbows.

I shouldn’t have favorite children, but the Rats’ Mans’ Lackey tales are some of my favorites.