35: The Day’s Third Hogshead

Here’s a snippet from my forthcoming Letters column for the FreeBSD Journal.

While “no” is sufficient answer to your question, the Journal editors insist that I respond in more depth so that they’re not left with blank pages. I don’t understand why they don’t simply cover that space with advertising, especially as I was not officially informed that the sales department is on a week-long gelato cruise that I was not invited to, but I suppose amateurs and hobbyists have a right to develop their meager skills without my presence highlighting their inferiority. (The trick is to eat through the dairy coma until your pancreas transcurses its fleshly limits, and understanding that water breaks are not only for cleansing the palate. If your undisciplined palate can still differentiate flavors after the day’s third hogshead, that is.)

Your problem distills to finances. Once you involve business, everything distills to finances. Those cozy leaders you worked for? Their kindness was either a ploy or weakness.

I’ll be Kickstarting a six year collection of these columns this summer.