New novel, and a new novel bundle

So… er… I put a new novel out last month.

And totally forgot to blog it. Apparently, releasing a new book is now such a commonplace occurrence that even I don’t find it noteworthy.

Or maybe it’s just that my brain absorbs information as readily as a stainless steel sponge.


Anyway, Hydrogen Sleets is the first ever Montague Portal novel.

Hydrogen Sleets: a Montague Portal novelMeet the new universe, same as the old universe—
but thirteen billion years younger.

Aidan Redding’s new assignment? A space station in a universe so young it’s barely invented hydrogen. Researchers study the cosmos’ earliest days, discover whole new realms of science…
and go screaming insane.

The mathematicians claim this universe obeys the same natural laws as Redding’s own.

At the beginning of time, though, the universe writes its own rules…

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If you’ve wanted more Portal stories, this is your chance.

I imagined the Portal tales as short stories. It’s a perfect setup for a short story series, with its built-in reset button and the opportunities for mayhem. Somehow, this turned into a novel.

Those of you who collect these in print: despite it being a novel, Hydrogen Sleets has the same cover size as the other tales. It’s thicker because, well, it’s a novel, but it won’t mess up your pretty shelf display.

It’s available at all fine online bookstores, in both ebook and print.

Buying the book on its own is the expensive way to get it, though.

Hydrogen Sleets is temporarily part of the Out Of This World fiction bundle, a collection of high-tech SF novels that are all, in some way, out of this world. Here you’ll find starship repossessions, space pirates, doomsday machines, and more.

Get six books, including mine, for a paltry $3.99, or $9.99 for sixteen books. This is days of reading from a crew of excellent authors, plus me.


Rebecca Senese, the bundle curator, invited authors whose work she enjoyed. This bundle includes some of my favorite authors.

Personally, I enjoy buying bundles. They’re a great way to get explore new authors. The inexpensive price lets me sample work from authors I’ve never tried. Inevitably, I’ll enjoy most the books and a few will hit my tastes just right. It’s a great deal.

Rebecca’s doing a daily blog about each book and the author, including J.D. Brink, Leah Cutter, Marcelle Dube’, Mark Fassett, Jamie Ferguson, J A Marlow, Stefon Mears, Debbie Mumford, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Rita Schulz, Rebecca Senese, Dean Wesley Smith, Douglas Smith, and Blaze Ward. She’ll have a new post every day while the bundle runs.

Oh, did I mention it expires soon? You have four days. FOUR DAYS. As of when I write this, of course. Probably less by the time you read it. Get it now, or miss out forever.

Well, no. Not forever. You can buy each book individually. But that’s a lot more expensive, and all that clicking will tire out your mouse finger. Be smart. Get it now.

And I promise, next time I put a novel out, I’ll actually say something when it’s available.