51: Soviet Texas

I’m working on a new Aidan Redding story, but can’t share any of it yet. Contract terms, y’know. I can say it’s a Class D universe tale, however, which I haven’t done before. I needed to skim some of Aidan’s earlier adventures, so here’s a snippet from Drinking Heavy Water.

The engulfing darkness made every sound more obvious. Chevy’s breath wasn’t loud, but I could tell it was deep and thorough. “Your President wants to stop selling tritium to Texas. We need that energy. If I can stop this, I must.”

I said, “Even if Soviet Texas did okay without it, Kendall has thirty other countries on this list. Someone’s going to react badly.”

Gunfire said, “I’m sure Nirvana is on it.”

“Them. Seattle Sacred. Fearless.” Any nation on Kendall’s list might respond with nukes, or bioweapons, or nanotech. Everybody knew how to build doomsday weapons. Maybe they’d strike Montague facilities across the world, or long-loathed neighbors. Civilization only endures if everyone has equal access to it. We all fly together, or a handful soar until they crash.

You can get Drinking Heavy Water as a standalone novel, or as part of the three-novel omnibus Aidan Redding Against the Universes.

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