20: The More Obscure Additional Protocols of the Geneva Convention

Trying to get this dang book done, so pushing forward.

If I receive another email from a particular recruiting firm offering me the magnificent opportunity of a position as an entry level help desk flunky I will violate several state laws, many national ones, and a few of the more obscure Additional Protocols of the Geneva Convention. I would prefer to avoid spending my so-called “retirement” “savings” on a criminal defense attorney desperate enough to take my case, so prudence suggests I avoid the entire problem and block their email at the MTA level.

Blocking email is tricky. You can block by domain, but domains are cheap and forgeable. You can dig into SPF records, but they’re even less expensive to alter. You can scour mail headers for items to block on, but that’s all ephemeral. Still, some days it’s a choice between making the attempt and accumulating legal bills.

I can see the end from here, so if you felt like sponsoring you should do so soon.