60 Seconds of WIP, 31 August 2023

Today’s reading is from the Kickstarter-supported afterword from Apocalypse Moi. I have no idea if this will make it into the final book. I write things that are about things. When I try to write about the things I’ve written about things, my brain immediately enters a recursive death spiral. I offered this Kickstarter stretch goal in part to force me to learn to write them.

This book contains revelations. Some of them destroy the world. In one, the world has already been destroyed and everyone’s dead, which presents problems for the things that remember being people. But throughout, life-changing revelation. Apocalypse is not discovering there’s a slice of pie left in the fridge. It’s discovering that someone loves you enough to leave you that slice. The mildest apocalypse is love, leaping out from behind the curtain and shouting Boo! Apocalypse-as-revelation offers wisdom, improves our lives, and offers paths to a better life and world.

We all hunger for that.

Some folks out there are so desperate for revelation that they declare their bigotries and phobias to be sacred truths that must be shared. Every one of those ideas is built on loathing and selfishness. None of them improve lives. I mourn for people infected with them, but not so far as to let them have their way.