Earthquake Kitten Kiss

(a Butterfly Stomp Waltz spin-off)

Earthquake Kitten Kiss coverTop-notch mercenary Liza Bradley knows the proper mercies for her career. A painless bullet through the head. An instantly broken neck.

You don’t want either? Drop your gun and run away.


Ex-Marine Matt Harrison? Liza calls him green as lettuce and half as tough.

But as Liza’s team strikes their target in earthquake-ravaged Ecuador, Harrison strikes Liza in the only way she doesn’t know how to fight.

Bullets and broken bones?

Useless against her own heart.

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Savaged by Systemd

an Erotic Unix Encounter

Savaged by Systemd coverContent warning: yes, this is explicit erotica. For a very, very narrow target audience.

Not your normal Friday night in the computer room.

Not a normal night anywhere.

Terry is the archetypal old-school Unix admin, nurturing servers with care and precision while avoiding the latest trendy garbage. KDE and Gnome on a server? Nope, if you need a GUI use FVWM.

The latest trend Terry refuses? One adopted almost everywhere? Systemd, the replacement init.

So Systemd comes for Terry.

Wearing skin-tight leather pants.

No, not a normal night in the computer room at all…

(Satirical IT erotica)

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Bedazzled by Blockchain

an Erotic Cryptocurrency Transaction

Bedazzled by Blockchain cover

What do the people of the post-scarcity future most value?

Good sex.

When everyone has nanotech implants to monitor their health and nervous system signals, how can you verify proof of ecstasy as the basis of money?


Will Robert and Mallory’s first NookieCoin transaction go disastrously wrong? Or transform their lives for the better?

(Dystopian SF technology erotica)
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