Support an Author

The only support I need is for people to buy my books. An increasing number of people have asked how than can support me further. Others have asked for ways to give me a tip. Tipping is more than unnecessary, but I’ve decided that paying my mortgage is more important than my “artistic purity” or “dignity.”

By popular demand, I sell sponsorships for specific tech books at my online bookstore. Look there to see what’s available at the moment. Or you can sign up for my sponsorship announcement mailing list to be notified when I open a book for sponsorship.

You can also use the online bookstore to give me money for no good reason.

Trickle-charge my finances via Patreon.

I have an Amazon wish list. If you want to send me a Doctor Who video, I wouldn’t say no. I’m more interested in older than newer, but I’m a completist so whatever. (I would also tell you not to buy the ridiculously expensive out-of-print ones, unless you get a deal somewhere. Or you have a relative who wouldn’t miss their copy of The Two Doctors. Again: whatever.)

The best way you can support any author is to review my books on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, and topic-appropriate forums. For my tech books, this means places like Slashdot and Reddit. For novels, well, there’s hundreds of book blogs out there.

The number of 4-star and 5-star reviews on Amazon has a greater impact on book sales than any other single factor. By all means, put reviews on your own site and on other bookseller sites, but please put the reviews on Amazon as well. Amazon considers only 4-star and 5-star reviews as positive. (3-star reviews are negative, 2-star are very negative, and 1-star are really really negative.) Every author appreciates this kind of support.

I wish no single company controlled so much of the retail book market. But that’s not the world we live in.

You could also use my Amazon Affiliate account to send me a percentage of your next Amazon purchase by following this US link. All links from this site to any Amazon site are affiliate links where available.

If you truly really want to send cash, the easiest way is through PayPal to accounts at tilted windmill press dot com. TWP is the company I run my writing business through. Please include a note to say that it’s a tip.

I’ve had one request for a Bitcoin tip jar. I don’t actually use Bitcoins, but if enough people offer them to me, I’ll set it up.

And thank you for buying my books.

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